Hammer Klavier Trio

The Hammer Klavier Trio plays music of now. The band was launched after pianist Boris Netsvetaev and bassist Philipp Steen found the ideal musical partner in drummer Kai Bussenius in 2002. Their individual personalities miraculously melt together into improvisational journeys mixed of straight-ahead jazz, funk groove ostinatos, classical music or african folk songs. The sound of the trio is both acoustic and electric. The musical content ranges from compositionally structured to freely improvised.
Their completely acoustic debut album “Now I know who shot JFK” was released in 2008 on the swiss jazzlabel Altrisuoni Records. The second publication "Rocket in the Pocket" (which also showcases the electric sound of the trio) was released in November 2012 on Jan Matthies Records.

Hammer Klavier Trio with Wolfgang Schlüter

Since 2007 the Hammer Klavier Trio is working with the german vibraphone legend Wolfgang Schlüter within the Wolfgang Schlüter Quartet. Read more about this wonderful collaboration here: WSQ