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Quotes & Reviews

“There is energy within this trio. It seethes and ferments between the musicians and out of it comes a headstrong Power Jazz.”
NDR Television Schleswig Holstein Magazin - Announcement of concert in Kiel - May 22, 2013
video feature starting at 20:00 min here.


“Modern, accessible to all - The content of this album is its title justice: The trio with pianist Boris Netsvetaev offers modern jazz that goes off like a rocket. "Rocket In The Pocket" is a blend of powerful chords on piano rhythms that fully exploit their torque, a bass line that...”
Review for "Rocket In The Pocket" in the daily newspaper Bieler Tageblatt from Switzerland
 - April 22, 2013 - go to the original article here.


“Mr. Netsvetaev is a pianist of extraordinary talent. His technique is almost completely matched by the high drama of his expression, which in turn leads to emoting from the depths of his heart as much as he does from an astute intellect.”
Review for "Rocket In The Pocket" in The World Music Report
 - March 09, 2013 - read the full article here.


“It turns out the HKT both classical acoustic trio as well as daring electric organ where the electric bass booms, the Rhodes rocks and the drummer brings out the heavy artillery. ... With the title track, of course, things really take off; ...”
Feature in Germany's jazz magazine "JAZZthing"
- February, 2013 - p.12.


“Based on the compositions of pianist Boris Netsvetaev they are inventing their music in improvised interplay over and over again..”
Concert preview by Stefan Hentz in one of Germany's biggest newspapers "Die Welt"
- February 03, 2013 - read the full article in German here.


“Aufregender Tastenzauber: erfrischender, mal akustischer, mal elektrischer, vielseitiger moderner Trio-Jazz, der viel Spaß macht.”
-Christoph Giese, Zeitungshaus Bauer, 6 Tageszeitungen im Ruhrgebiet, 25.01.2013

“Rocket In The Pocket is an ultra modern, young, fresh record with substance.”
-Nabil Atassi, in Germany's jazz magazine "Jazzthetik", January 2013, p. 85.

“Format is based on Piano/Keyboard, bass and drums but this is not an ordinary trio. ... This is not authentic jazz sound, you'll find a Rock factor and they will appeal fans like Hiromi Uehara trio project, or young generations who are not necessarily jazz fans.”
The Walker's, a great jazz magazine from Japan.
They reviewed our "Rocket In The Pocket" in their Vol. 32, 2012 on page 15 - The Walker's.


“The range of moods and sounds is great, but the effect never feels disorganized; rather it enhances the excitment of the trio as they blur the lines between the trasditional accoustic trios and the modernist trios characerized by E.S.T. or Micael Wollny's [em], to name just two....Melodies, jams, improvisations mix wonderfully in a CD of delightful suprises. Modern lyricism at its best with a touch of abstraction, this is a group to watch..”
Blog: a jazz listener's thoughts; about "Rocket In The Pocket"
- December 26, 2012 - read the full review here.


“Always everything falls neatly on its feet and the listener in each song is treated to a tasty mix of brilliant piano work, fun solo bass and dosed but effective drumming (Suicide Train)....this trio sounds like trio and not as three stampede beaten soloists. a disk to finger-licking good!.”
Marc Van de Walle in Belgium's Jazz Magazine "Jazzmozaïek" about "Rocket In The Pocket" 2012/4 p.43

“Tracks are strong and confident, with impeccable technique, earthy melodies and roiling ideas. It's astonishing how many superb artists today fly under the radar, and I'm glad this one came to my attention. Each track stands out, carrying an enormous jazz torch in the dark, brooding European tradition.” / Marc Myers is winner of the 2012 Jazz Journalists Association's "Best Blog Award."
He writes frequently on music for the Wall Street Journal.
- December 8, 2012 - read the full review here.


“Hammer Klavier Trio / Rocket In The Pocket: An exciting new trio from Europe that plays its own unique brand of adventuresome jazz music.”
Comment about our entry in the Best of 2012 list, Radio Station KIOS, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
- December 8, 2012 - read the full article here.


“A highlight of the CD is the relatively conventional "Take Fifteen" that demonstrates the ingenuity of the pianist as well as the dreamy security in interaction of the trio. The twelve very different tracks on the CD add up to a convincing whole.”
Hans-Bernd Kittlaus for Germany's jazz magazine "Jazzpodium" - December 2012.

“Denn der in St. Petersburg geborene Pianist und Keyboarder Boris Netsvetaev, der Bassist Philipp Steen und der Schlagzeuger Kai Bussenius sind nicht nur extrem versierte und mit Jazzverkopftheiten jeder Stil-Couleur vertraute Musiker, sondern verfügen auch noch über Humor. Was dazu führt, dass in der Thelonious-Monk-Paraphrase "Hysterioso" mal unverschämt das Handy klingelt oder ein Stück wie "Tekla" ungefähr so klingt, als hätten sich Joe Zawinul und Jaco Pastorius im Himmel zusammengetan,...”
Josef Engels for "Die Welt" (one of Germany's biggest daily newspapers - December 6, 2012
- read the full review here.


“Power piano trios willing to plug-in are not the norm in jazz, but Hamburg's Hammer Klavier Trio, thankfully, never received that message. The music that they present completely erases the dividing lines between traditional piano trios, hard hitting threesomes like The Bad Plus, and genre-blending Euro-stars like the late Esbjörn Svensson Trio. ...Piano trios are a dime-a-dozen in jazz, but electro-acoustic outfits that cover this much ground are a relative rarity; that's what makes the Hammer Klavier Trio such a find.”
Dan Bilawsky at All About Jazz - November, 2012 - read the full review here.

“The jazz piano trio is a ministry unto itself. The most durable of formats, the trio’s perimeter has been expanded in recently by Medeski, Martin and Wood, The Bad Plus and Soulive. The Russian-led, German trio, Hammer Klavier Trio, takes the trio a step further with a classically-infused, harmonically-centered offering, Rocket In The Pocket.”
Michael Bailey, senior writer at All About Jazz - November 25, 2012 - read the full review here.

Cuadernos de Jazz (Spanish Jazz Magazine) - November 2012 - read the full review here.

“What a wonderful band! Sounds great! We choose Hysterioso for the first single.”
Erik Montenegro, General Manager Horizonte 107.9 FM, México City - 13. November 2012

“Very impressed with your "Rocket in the Pocket" release. It's inventive and most enjoyable.”

Jack Hopke, WWNO, New Orleans, LA, USA – November 5, 2012


“These guys are exceptional.“
John Szwed, Director, The Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
 November 2, 2012


"Hamburskie trio Hammer Klavier Trio wydaje swój nowy album zatytułowany Rocket In The Pocket."
JazzPRESS (Print magazine from Poland), November 2012, p. 29 and in their online edition.


"Die stärksten Stücke bleiben die elektrisch unterstützten Klavier-Rochaden. ... zeigt deutlich, dass zwei Säulen in Netsvetaevs musikalischer Seele wohnen, nämlich der klassisch swingende oder in sich gekehrte Piano-Stil (Mabern, Hill) und die keyboardlastige, sehr groovebetonte Seite seines Stils..." Wertung 4 Punkte - sehr gut.
Concerto Magazin (Austria), p. 54, October 2012 about "Rocket In The Pocket"

“hKT is pretty fantastic .. and I have no doubt they will wow audiences wherever they play.”
Rich Germaine,, 06. October 2012


“This is jazz at its best.”
Malvin Massey, Jr. / General Manager WUMR U92FM, Memphis, TN, U.S.A. about our new CD "Rocket In The Pocket", 04. October 2012

" (Hammer Klavier Trio) cracked through the seemingly impenetrable surface of the New York club scene during its week in Manhattan."

Dan Bilawsky, live review in full review, 24. June 2011


"Boris and the boys - were simply fantastic. I even enjoyed the funk." 
- Mitch Borden, Co-owner of Smalls Jazz Club, Greenwich Village, NY, U.S.A., 12. June 2011

- Josh Jackson, host of the Jazz Journalists Association Awards Gala 2011 and of "The Checkout" on WBGO Jazz FM, the largest jazz station in the U.S.A., 11. June 2011

"We believe they will represent the current dynamism of German jazz." - "Pianist Randy Weston, trumpeter Wallace Roney's Sextet, soprano sax/flutist Jane Bunnett with pianist Hilario Duran, and the Hammer Klavier Trio from Hamburg will play up a storm at the gala to further demonstrate the power and beauty of what we're talking about." - "Musical highlights in New York included conguero Candido Camero‘s performance with flutist/saxophonist Jane Bunnett and pianist Hilario Duran, and then with pianist Randy Weston and TK Blue playing flute — also Gregory Porter‘s powerful vocalizing and band and the Hammer Klavier Trio from Hamburg."
Howard Mandel, President of the Jazz Journalists Association, 10. March and 12. June 2011

"But the Jazz Journalists Association came up with a nice consolation prize: they invited the ensemble, which often is compared with EST and The Bad Plus, to New York for their gala ceremony of the Jazz Journalists Association Awards to perform live in the City Winery..... One can only recommend German New York residents and tourists to attend one of the concerts of this incredibly dynamic trio."

-German Jazz Magazine "JazzEcho" about the short tour in New York, USA in June 2011

"The small sensation in the otherwise strictly americophile Association is the nomination of a live video from Hamburg: The Hammer Klavier Trio with Boris Netsvetaev, piano, Philipp Steen, bass, and Kai Bussenius, drums, recorded at Überjazz Festival on 30. October 2010."
- German Jazz Magazine "Jazzthing" about the nomination for Video-of-the-Year candidate for the 2011 Awards by the Jazz Journalists Association

"Pianist Boris Netsvetaev, Bassist Philipp Steen und Kai Bussenius am Schlagzeug zählen längst zur jungen wilden Avantgarde der deutschen Triobesetzungen. Beeinflußt vom pop-orientierten Sound eines Esbjörn Svensson, immer hart an eingängigen Grooves und repititiven Melodielinien segelnd, sorgt das "Hammer Klavier Trio" für deutlich frischen Wind in der Jazzlandschaft."
- Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, Januar 2011

Sie gehören zu den interessantesten Namen der jungen Szene
- Jazzthetik, November 2008

Straight-Ahead Jazz, somewhere between Monk and Bad Plus.
- Jazzthetik, November 2008

"…gestandener Großmeister seiner Zunft mit drei hochtalentierten und in allen Stilwassern der
Jazzgeschichte versierten Nachwuchskräften (Boris Netsvetaev, Philipp Steen, Kai Bussenius)…

- Die Welt, 21.01.2008 – Konzertreview Wolfgang Schlüter Quartet

- Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten, 14.06.2010

Das jugendliche Ensemble ist tief in den Inkarnationen des Jazz im 21. Jahrhundert verwurzelt: Genre-Hopping, globale Einflüsse und Hingabe an die kollektive Freiheit.
- AllAboutJazz-New York, Februar 2009

Press Material for Journalists:

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